Waiting for Bagna Cauda Day 2017

From the 24th to the 26th of November in Asti, Piemonte, and throughout the world…only for those with a nose for the finer things in life

BAGNA CAUDA DAY 2016 - FOTO GIULIO MORRABagna Cauda Day is a festival organised by the Astigiani Cultural Association. Open to everyone, it has been held on the last weekend in November for five years now, to celebrate the collective ritual that surrounds Bagna Cauda.
Bagna Cauda is a traditional Piedmontese dish which has been served here for centuries. It consists of a warm sauce (Bagna Cauda actually means “hot dip” in Piedmontese) made of garlic, oil and anchovies, in which to dip seasonal vegetables, and has become a pillar of convivial culture.
Its smell, the complexity of its preparation and the search for the finest raw materials have risked its exclusion from the world of restaurants. With Bagna Cauda Day, we want to bring Bagna Cauda back to the centre of Piedmont’s gastronomical offering and involve different towns all over the world.
In the name of friendship, and of spending time together while rediscovering real, authentic and intense flavours. Bagna Cauda is a dish with no hidden ingredients, a dish for everyone. Open to every culture and tradition.

Some numbers…

1 A unique event to renew the ancient ritual of Bagna Cauda with a new idea and a touch of irony.
3 days of meetings and parties. The fifth edition maintains the original formula and adds something new. Bagna Cauda Day is centred in Asti, but also involves important towns like Alba, Casale Monferrato, Ovada and Turin.
10 euros is the price of a bottle of doc or docg wine, sold directly by the producers in the participating venues.
24-25-26 the dates in November 2017 for Bagna Cauda Day: the evening of Friday the 24th, and lunch and dinner on Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th.
25 euros is the set price of the Bagna Cauda, applied in every participating restaurant, from those with Michelin stars to the humblest village eatery, entitling the diner to a place at the table and service of a plentiful supply of Bagna Cauda, with a wide variety of colourful vegetables. Every “bagncaudaeater” will be given a special fabric bib, designed this year by Luigi Piccatto, one of Italy’s leading cartoonists. Copies of the Bagna Cauda Handbook will also be distributed, featuring the history of this extraordinary dish, along with the recipe and comments and interviews by people with a connection to it.
150 venues (historical wine cellars, restaurants, wine bars, associations) throughout the districts of Asti, Monferrato, Langa and Roero, and in the rest of the world, will be offering three versions of their Bagna Cauda, each identified by a traffic light.
Red like God commands (traditional), amber to indicate the “heretic” version, and green for the “atheist” version with little or no garlic. Other venues in Piedmont are participating too, and Bagna Cauda Day is also being celebrated in the rest of the world: from Berlin to New York, from Costa Rica to Argentina and even in Tonga in the Pacific.
5,000 the amount in euros that the Astigiani Association expects to collect and donate to charity. Because Bagna Cauda is good at doing good.
16,000 the total number of comfortable seats around the participating tables, all in warmly heated venues, that can be booked directly over the phone, choosing from the list available at www.bagnacaudaday.it
0 disposable plastic plates, cutlery and cups, respecting the environment and tradition.

Don’t miss the brave and passionate Barbera kiss that all the “bagnacaudaeaters” will be exchanging at midnight, in piazza San Secondo in Asti and in other squares and restaurants at the end of the evenings.
There will also be the “Post bagnacauda kit”, containing “Kiss me now” toothpaste, with magnesia, cola, grappa, honey and dark chocolate.
And don’t forget “Acciù” the event’s fishy fabric mascot.
For the first time this year, there will also be a take-away service called Bagna Cà (Bagnacauda at home), complete with vegetables and “fujot”, the bowl with tealight used to serve the dip and keep it warm.

See the updated list of participating restaurants and available places at www.bagnacaudaday.it